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The MISSION of “Swiss-Credit” is to provide the offering of wide range of the financial services to the individuals, small and micro businessmen and entrepreneurs, to support the further improvement of employment of their family members and increasing of their incomes.

“Swiss-Credit” is the sustainable organization staffed with high qualified and customer-oriented professionals, which always keep an optimal balance between commercial goals of the company and the social needs of the clients.
The company is an important part of the Project – “Sustainable Supply Chain of the Georgian Hazelnut” with the unique loaning product for the hazelnut producer farmers. The tendency of increasing number of the Project participant farmers year by year gives possibility to the company to become a major player of the agricultural microloans’ market in Georgia.

In frame of this Mission and Aims the company offers a new standard of microfinance activities to the Georgian financial market. The major difference with the traditional microfinance activities is the offer of the loaning products, which provide not only financial support in the business development, but the research and easy access to the production sales’ markets also.



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4600, Pushkini st.#9, Kutaisi, Georgia.
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The Founding Partner and owner of 89% of MFO “Swiss-Credit” shares, he is also Head of Supervisory Board of the company. Since 2009, Mr. Ali Riza Kizildag presents a big group of European investors in Georgia.