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The target group of the clients of the Microfinance Organization (MFO) “Swiss-Credit” LTD is the small and micro businessmen and individuals – representatives of small enterprises and service sphere, traders, farmers, which have the business experience, right vision and ability of forecasting of further development of their businesses and  confirmation of their reality.

The company is proud, that it is among of rare number of the companies, which are financing the start-up businesses and support the creation of new working places

We would like to present the success stories of our clients, who could start and develop their businesses with the  loans, received from “Swiss-Credit”:

1. Lasha Lobjanidze – producer of furniture, got his first loan from “Swiss-Credit” in 2011 and bought the working tools. With the correct financial help of the company, he is successful individual entrepreneur today, has own workshop and permanent clients.

2. Barbare Puturidze – owner of the family hotel, who had only 3 guest rooms’ hotel, located in the center of the city and had a problem of accommodation despite of enough number of the clients. At the current moment she has 16 functioning guest-rooms in the hotel and plans to improve 4 new rooms in next year.  “Swiss-Credit” will support Barbare again.

3. Gocha Gogeliani – driver of microbus, who is the clients of “Swiss-Credit” since 2011. Gocha purchased a new microbus by loan of “Swiss-Credit” and developed his business. Now he has possibility to implement touristic tours also in the different regions of Georgia as well as the route trips.

4. Nana Gabrichidze – owner of small grocery, who took her third loan in “Swiss-Credit”. She was working for small market at the beginning and with help of “Swiss-Credit” started her own business.

5. Badri Otkhozoria – is a livestock farm owner in Zugdidi. At the beginning he had only several caws for the family needs. For now, in the farm, financed by “Swiss-Credit”, he already has 10 caws and producing meat and milk products and supplying the local restaurants. Farmer plans to increase the quantity of the animals in the nearest future.

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The Founding Partner and owner of 89% of MFO “Swiss-Credit” shares, he is also Head of Supervisory Board of the company. Since 2009, Mr. Ali Riza Kizildag presents a big group of European investors in Georgia.