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This direction of the MFO Swiss-Credit  based on the following main Principles of the Corporate Governance:
•    The Supervisory Board is responsible for the corporate governance structure of the company and compliance with the main principles of the company activities.
•    The company is founded by 2 shareholders who have equal rights.
•    Family members of the individuals who are authorized to represent the Company and their representatives cannot be appointed as proxies.
•    Procedures for General Meeting of Shareholders allow for equitable treatment of all shareholders. The Company’s procedures do not make it unduly difficult or expensive for shareholders to cast votes.
•    Changes in the capital equity structure are made in a manner that ensures equitable treatment of shareholders.
•    The Company takes into consideration the interests of the Company’s stakeholders and has established principles of Conduct and Ethics that regulates all aspects of the Company’s relationship with its stakeholders.
•    The Company ensures the timely and accurate disclosure or all material matters regarding the corporation, including its financial situation, performance, ownership and corporate governance.
•    The Supervisory Board is responsible for the strategic guidance of the Company, the effective monitoring of the management, and the Board’s accountability to the Company and all other interested parties.
•    The Supervisory Board is composed in such a way that it provides independent, autonomous and free expression of attitudes and opinions of the members.
•    The Supervisory Board has a Chairman who provides the function of the Supervisory Board properly.
•    The Supervisory Board is responsible for achieving the Company’s aims, strategy and results.
•    The members of the Supervisory Board are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations, for managing the risks associated with the Company activities and for financing the Company.

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The Founding Partner and owner of 89% of MFO “Swiss-Credit” shares, he is also Head of Supervisory Board of the company. Since 2009, Mr. Ali Riza Kizildag presents a big group of European investors in Georgia.