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Organizational structure of the company is traditional according to the legal form, aims of micro financial organizations, and corresponds to the requests of the existence and implementation of the management of the company.
MFO “Swiss-credit” Ltd. founded fully with the foreign investment. The investor partners of the company are Swiss and Italian business persons, who present a large group of foreign investors.
Founders of the company already have an experience of successful business activity in the field of agriculture in Georgia (manufacturing and export of nuts).
The supreme body of company management is the Meeting of the Founding Partners that makes decisions on the strategic issues of the company development.
The right of the decision-making on the strategic issues distributed to the Supervisory Board, which consists of three private persons:
1. Ali Riza Kizildag - Chairman of the Board, high professional of hazelnut market.
2. David Abuladze - Deputy of the Chairman of the Board, high professional manager
3. Nikoloz Chikhladze – Professor of Kutaisi University, Doctor of Economy and Finance
Darejan Silagadze is running “Swiss-Credit” Ltd. as an Executive Director, is in charge of daily operations. Supervisory Board, appointed by the Founder’s meeting, responsible for the main development policy and supervision of the company activities.
The Management Team and the Supervisory Board members of MFO Swiss-Credit Ltd. are well-trained professionals in the banking, micro finance areas, as well as in management. Additionally to the actual group, we have the support of the external experts, experienced & qualified professionals who will become the member of the actual team by the company development & growth.
At the current period the Management Team of the company is working hard on the implementation of the main strategy of the company further development, which is founded on the raising both debt and equity of the organization, enhancing its fundraising capacity and growth prospects.
At the present moment company personnel is presented by 11 full-time staff.
The main value of the company is orientation on the employee, which is based on the principle – the main strength and value of the company is employee, which is representing the company.
The main principle of the company activity is equality – all employees of the company have equal opportunities of evaluation and promotion. The company conducts objective and just policy toward the employees.
The company creates the stabile and development oriented working conditions to its staff.
There is important for the company that each employee had feeing of her/his personal   importance for the company – responsibility, involvement in decision making process, the value of her/his vision, ideas and activities.

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The Founding Partner and owner of 89% of MFO “Swiss-Credit” shares, he is also Head of Supervisory Board of the company. Since 2009, Mr. Ali Riza Kizildag presents a big group of European investors in Georgia.